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How to Pick The Perfect Suit

Tired of the standard black suit? Here are a few tips to help you pick the suit that makes you stand out!

Find the right size

The perfect length for a suit is right at the lower edge of your bottom. When you put your hands down, the end of the sleeve should be just at the palm of your hand.

Pick the right style

If you have a bigger body, two-buttons or single-button suit would fit you better. If you are slim and tall, three button suit or double-row button suit would look great on you.

Choose your shirt color

For formal occasion, it looks professional to match your suit with single color dress shirt. Remember to buckle up the shirt sleeve buttons. If you are attending casual or semi-formal meeting, you can pick a more colorful dress shirt to highlight your personality.

Find a nice tie

Generally speaking, when you attend a formal meeting, the color of the tie should match with the color of the suit. The end of the tie always needs to cover the buckle of your belt.

How to find the best suit color

If you are not sure about how to match your clothes with different colors, try to apply the principle of using the same color categories, for example, you can pick a dark blue suit, a light blue shirt and a light blue stripe tie; or pick the contrast colors, dark blue suit, white shirt would go beautiful with red or orange tie; furthermore, you can also pick something that could match with your hair or eye color. Coffee or Kakhi with green or golden tie would also be a fashionable choice. Overall speaking, do not wear more than 3 or 4 colors at one time for all your items. Shoes, belt and briefcase are preferably in the similar color category.

If you have questions regarding how to find the most suitable suit style for you, do not hesitate to contact us simply by dropping an email or sending us the live chat! We would love to help!